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"...when one follows a single thread in nature,
one finds it is attached to the rest of the world..."

Kirsten Chick


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Bloom Italy Retreat
19th-24th September 2013

Evolution Arts Nutrition Courses
Next dates:
Nutrition for a healthy heart and arteries
Sat 14th Sep 10.30am-3.30pm
Nutrition Level 1
6 Tues 5-7pm starting 1st Oct
Nutrition Level 2
6 Tues 5-7pm starting 12th Nov


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Kirsten Chick (D.N.N.) is a warm and inspiring nutritional therapist with 10 years experience. She offers consultations both face-to-face and via telephone, working with adults and children with a wide range of conditions.

Alongside her practice, Kirsten is a tutor at the College of Natural Nutrition, where she originally trained with Barbara Wren, and lectures in nutrition at Sussex Downs College. She also teaches nutrition courses at Evolution Arts in Brighton, and is available for workshops and talks.

In addition, Kirsten is Nutritional Consultant for Nutrigold Ltd., where she writes educational newsletters and articles and presents educational webinars.

Kirsten brings a strong message about our body’s responsiveness to natural rhythms and cycles right down to cellular level, and how we can take back control and responsibility for our own health and wellbeing.

She shares the tools, knowledge and inspiration to energise and support the body’s own healing methods, so that we can restore a state of balance and clarity. She teaches how to be truly nourished and hydrated, so that we can achieve this.

It is not enough to ensure we are feeding ourselves the right nutrients or drinking a good amount of water – are those nutrients able to be absorbed, transported and utilised? Is there enough space and energy for the blood, lymph and other fluids to spiral through us, delivering food and information, clearing waste? Are we truly hydrating ourselves when we drink water, or is it failing to go where it needs to?

Kirsten's passion for nutrition began when she became chronically ill over a decade ago. This was the beginning of a journey that would lead her to re-evaluate her approach to life, healing and self-nurturing.

In 2001, she studied with Barbara Wren at the College of Natural Nutrition, became a shadow tutor when she graduated, and eventually started lecturing and running a helpline for the college.
In 2003, Kirsten set up her own nutrition practice.
In 2008, Kirsten started teaching the Nutrition module at Brighton University's Complementary Healthcare Foundation Degree course, and has more recently also taught the Anatomy & Physiology module.
In 2010, Kirsten started researching and writing for Nutrigold.

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